Practice Areas

MAYBACK IP LAW services its domestic and worldwide clients offering sophisticated commercial solutions to advance the client’s complex objectives. The firm is a classical boutique firm that effectively knows how to staff and handle large complex cases and expertly manage IP portfolios, while maintaining a hands on and informal communications with clients.

Patent Law

In the field of technical IP rights, our clients benefit from the vast experience, technical expertise and industry know-how of a seasoned Patent Attorney registered to practice before the U.S. Patent Office for more than 25 years. MAYBACK IP LAW is involved in both prosecution and litigation work. Thus, the technical knowledge gained in continuous prosecution activities has proved a significant asset in litigation cases, and conversely, the litigation experience helps in attaining strong patents. As a result, the perspective of the client defending itself against the protective rights of others is as familiar to us as that of an IP right owner wishing to enforce its rights against imitators. Our work includes drafting patent applications, prior art searches, application and examinations before the USPTO, patent litigation, design patent applications, management and analysis of domestic and global patent portfolios, licensing, and related services.

Trademark and Design Law

MAYBACK IP LAW practices in the different areas of trademark and design law. Our firm represents national as well as international clients in many trade fields including beverage and alcohol, food, electronics and telecommunications, travel, finance, software, tobacco and snus, housewares, cosmetics, knives and utensils, to name a few. MAYBACK IP LAW is widely known for its focus in managing the client’s expectations. The firm handles worldwide portfolios for clients to protect the client’s worldwide brands and fight against piracy. The activities include trademark and design searches, trademark and trade dress applications before the USPTO, opposition and cancellation proceedings, trademark monitoring, trademark and related litigation in State and/or Federal Courts, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency registration and seizures, domain name protection, crafting and enforcing cease and desist letters, and licensing.

Unfair Competition Law

MAYBACK IP LAW has experience in protecting consumers and competitors from deceptive and unethical conduct in commerce. We represent large and small clients in these areas and act often on short notice to protect clients facing unfair commercial or business conduct, which often includes acts of trademark, trade dress infringement, false advertising, dilution, and trade secret theft. Unfair competition claims are not pre-empted by federal law and involve both federal and state law causes of action. In the event other intellectual property protection is not available, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, unfair competition laws may be used to obtain relief.

Internet Law

MAYBACK IP LAW is chosen by clients because of its experience and depth of knowledge in Intellectual Property law, including internet law. The firm has established practices including domain name rights, domain name take downs, trademarks, cybersquatting, hacking, licensing, privacy policies, online fraud, and intellectual property litigation.

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

MAYBACK IP LAW litigates, mediates and arbitrates in the federal and state court venues in Florida and across the United States. These disputes include utility and design patent infringements, trademark infringements, copyright infringements, unfair competition, counterfeiting, grey market goods, and trade secret matters across a diverse range of industry sectors.